Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Loxton Lager and Robson's Durban Pale Ale

Not usually a lager fan but was seduced by a bottle promising 'secret scents of the Karoo' as I wandered the aisles of Monty's Liquor Boutique in Parktown North. After a coma inducing breakfast at Meomas I was perplexed as to how they get these secret scents and honey to Parkview, a process that must involve plenty of lengthy road trips through the Free State. After tasting the stuff, I suspect they've eked these secrets out of neighbouring Hillbrow. That would certainly explain the almost tropical spiciness weaves through the surprising hoppiness. It also seem fitting given the energetic freshness that infuses the cloudy, homegrown amber lager. Without much fanfare -- I've seen neither hide nor hair of this beer anywhere else -- they've found a taste overshadowing many a mzansi ale. I suspect Loxton may be tough to find, but if you follow the taxis past the Hillbrow tower, they're sure to lead you somewhere delicious. A surprising recommendation. 

Bagels and Loxton?
From the Karoo to KwaZulu. Robson's Durban Pale Ale proves that every Vaaly's favourite seaside province has more to offer the country's culinary tableau than bunnies alone. This is not my first taste of DPA, but it's the first time I've given it the attention it deserve. As it hits the mouth there's an almost sharp bitterness countered by smooth maltiness down the back. A slower more Durban style sip reveals hints of flowers and a touch of spiciness hiding behind the yeast. I was disappointed at the absence of citrus notes, but perhaps that's better suited for an beer named after Mpumalanga. I wish they would hurry up and brew one. If this is their pale ale, my mouth waters at what wonders an IPA might bring. Served up in a 550ml bottle with 5.7 percent you may be ill advised to drink many of these on a hot beach afternoon but you're going to want to.  

No bunnies required


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  2. These are both very bad beers.
    Loxtons is far too carbonated to allow any taste through, gassy.